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A bit about This portal is an online video poker portal that is dedicated to delivering quality information related to video poker that is useful to both newbie and advanced poker players alike. Here at our portal you'll find great information including the history of video poker, rules and strategy on how to play advice to help you in your game play, reviews if the types of video poker games there are out there, links to free downloads from casino sites online we'd recommend playing online over others you may have discovered yourself online and much more. If you're new to video poker then we suggest reading onto, however if you're a more advanced player who knows how to play video poker the rules and poker hand rankings when we suggest that you try playing at the online casino site featured above, a trusted and reputable gaming brand powered by leading software which featuring a large number of video poker variations for you to choose from and play.

Introduction to video poker: The game of video poker exerts a near-mystical pull on America's gamblers. It's the nation's legendary frontier game, including all the best elements of a slot machine. That's powerful stuff. Video poker is also popular because it seems inherently fair. There's no hidden house edge or any secretly tight machines. Each draw is from a freshly shuffled deck. Every Player has a chance and a choice. Video poker is one of the few casino contests that can actually have a positive financial expectation. Play the right machine long enough, in the right way, and video poker is guaranteed to payback more than it takes in.

If you know poker, then you know the basics of video poker. You want the highest hand. Beyond that, and the concept of the draw, you should forget everything you know about the table game when playing the video version. You can't raise, call or bluff the computer. The computer deals you five cards. You can keep all of them, some, or none. The computer then deals replacement cards as necessary. The new combination is your hand. Winners are paid according to a pay table posted on the machine.

The most basic game is Jacks or Better; hands with at least two Jacks or a higher combination win. Other video poker versions include; Deuces Wild (where 2s count as any value the player requires), Joker Poker (inserts a joker into the deck as a wild card), Double Joker Poker (inserts two jokers) and Poker Frenzy (deals each card from a different deck making it possible for you to have five cards of the same rank and suit) - there are many more game variations. In some cases, a minimum win requires kings or better, three of a kind, or two pairs. Whatever the game, the play remains the same for (nearly) every machine. Receive five cards, draw, the result is your hand.

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How To Play Video Poker - If you're new to the game and would like more information on how to play, read through this section, as it's a basic introduction. Make sure you also browse through the rest of our site as there is information for each level of player.

Differences in Video and Live Poker - There are many differences between the two. We've broken down the differences in a simple to understand list.

Video Poker Facts - Both novice and advanced players will find this section useful as it illustrates the key facts about the game. In my opinion, this is something worth checking out

Video Poker Resources - If you're looking for sites that feature more information about video poker we suggest reviewing those found featured here on our video poker resources section.


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