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Video poker machine play is different from a regular slot machine. At first, the procedure seems similar - you insert a coin or coins (almost all video poker machines take multiple coins), push the "play" or "deal" button, and five cards appear on the viewing screen. The next step is where it changes from a normal slot machine play. You now select which cards to hold. You can hold all five, some or none. It is entirely up to you. There are five buttons on the front of the machine (corresponding to each card); when pushed, "hold" will appear above those cards selected. Your objective is to “hold” the cards which will render you the best or highest hand possible.

You then push the "deal" button and new cards appear, replacing the ones you did not hold. If a winning combination results, the machine will award you units based on the payout chart. After the credits are awarded, the "player paid" sign will appear on the screen. The units will equal the value required to play the machine. For example, a machine that requires 25¢ to play would record each unit as one credit.

With that hand over, you bet how many units or coins to play on the next hand and again hit the "deal" button. When you have finished playing a session, simply press the "collect" button, and the machine will pay you by dropping all the credited coins into the tray. The object of the game is to end each round with a winning combination.

For more information on how to play and Video Poker Hand values ranked in order - Click Here -


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