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Tip #1: Don't keep bad cards. If you are dealt cards that can't be used to form a winning hand (like a pair, three or four cards of the same suit or cards which make up part of a straight) then discard all your cards and draw 5 more cards.

Tip #2: Always keep a pair instead of holding one high card. The odds and the payout percentages favor three-of-kind over a high pair. Don't keep an extra card along with your pair, as this reduces your odds of drawing three-of-a-kind.

Tip #3: Always keep a high pair and try for three of a kind rather than drawing into a four-card straight, a flush, or a three-card royal. Going for three-of-a-kind offers you the best odds. In the long run you'll make more when going for three-of-a-kind.

Tip #4: It is also better to keep a low pair rather than drawing to a four-card straight. The odds of drawing three-of-kind are better.

Tip #5: If you have a four-card straight (can be completed on either end) without a pair, go for the one card draw. Do not try to draw a card however, to fill the middle of an incomplete straight.

Tip #6: If you have a choice between drawing two cards to complete a 3-card royal or keeping a low pair, a 4-card flush or a 4-card-open-ended straight, go for the royal flush.

Tip #7: Don't be fooled by huge jackpots on hard to hit hands. They are often placed on machines that have altered their pay table for small, frequent hands, which will hurt your bankroll quite a bit.

Tip #8: The name of a game has nothing to do with how good it is. It can be double bonus, double double bonus or a zillion bonus - the name means nothing.

Tip #9: Always play from a strategy that has been worked out by an expert, and is of high quality. Playing with no strategy will cost you money.

Tip #10: Start by playing online for free, even if the machine is not a full-pay machine you are still able to practice the strategies you like.


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