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Facts about Video Poker

1. Video pokers true odds are identical to the odds when playing with a real shuffled deck.

2. Some video poker games have positive expectation for the player, but only when a player bets maximum coins and periodically wins a royal flush. The chance of hitting a royal flush is about 1 in 40,000.

3. You should carefully check the entire pay table on a video poker machine before playing. Some machines pay slightly fewer coins on selected hands.

4. 9/6 Jacks or Better is a good game but may be hard to find. Beware of imitation machines that have lower paybacks.

5. Optimal strategies change when a pay table changes. Be sure you're playing the right strategy for a particular video poker game.

6. High paying machines tent to be more "streaky" with wins and losses. This is not a function of the RNG, but a function of the pay table.

7. Video poker and slots are identical when it comes to practical issues like handling money and avoiding confusion.


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